Module core

Psuedo root of all pre-registered modules.

This is a fake module created to link together all of the modules that are automatically loaded in the interpreter.

Except for the builtin module, all modules listed here can be imported from any file inside of the interpreter. This is unlike other modules, which are loaded using relative paths. These modules can be imported like import sys, then used like print(sys.argv).

The builtin module is unique because the classes, enums, and functions are the foundation of the interpreter. Instead of requiring it to be imported, the contents of builtin are instead available without a namespace.


builtin The builtin package provides the classes, vars, and functions that form the foundation of Lily.
random The random package provides access to a Mersenne Twister for pseudo-random number generation.
sys The sys package provides access to the arguments given to Lily.
time The time package provides access to basic time information on the system.